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Hamish’s Birthday

Would you like to join us in celebrating Hamish’s upcoming birthday?  Yes?  Wonderful!

Hamish’s birthday is on the 26th July and we will be collecting messages from his fans over the next few days.   We’ll then forward them all onto Hamish to read.   If you would like to participate, please send us your message by email or you can post your message on our Facebook page.


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Status of fansite

Just posting this update to let you know the latest status of the HC fansite.  We were having re-occuring security issues & web hosting problems which we had been trying to sort out, plus our family/work lives have been super busy which has allowed little free time for our fangirl duties.   Good news is that we have now moved our web hosting to a different company and I am now beginning to work on getting everything set up again.  Thanks everyone for your support & patience!   ~ Jules

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